• 29.08.2020 18:30
Mezzo, 40’


The treasured state of freedom envelops a world of teeming emotions. This lack of submission and coercion gives rise to the possibility of movement, action that is in stark contrast with standing still.

A small ballerina, screwed to the mechanism and locked up in a sumptuous music box, is at the mercy of the benevolence of those who want to make her dance. What would this ballerina do if the music box were opened and she could dance with abandon?

From this imprisoned doll, which goes in circles involuntarily, an uninhibited and fierce movement awakens. A debauchery that transforms and liberates her.

Concept, direction, choreography, performance, costumes :
Marie Rual
Stage design :
Marie Rual in collaboration with Fabien Guyard and Michel Rual
Light design :
Christine Longuespé
Music :
J.K Simmons, Snare Liftoff ( I want to be one of the greats), Colleen et Les boîtes à musique, John Levers the Ratchet et What is a Camponium ? pt.1, Jacques Brel, La valse à mille temps, ré - enregistrement 1972)
Gustavo Santaolalla, Deportation/Iguazu
Jeff Russo & The Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, Wrench and Numbers Timber Timbre, Run from me,
Françoise Hardy, Le temps de l’amour
Production :
Cie Codario
Supports and thanks :
Café associatif Le Jean Geste, Julie Pillet & Laurent Bourquin, les espaces SCUP Teatro et Fivizzano27 de Rome, la Cie Adéquate, La Bazooka, Fabien Guyard, Michel Rual, Martine Pastor, Christine Longuespé, Donato Paternoster, Lynda Berlat, Claire Laureau, Jessica Fouché, Christophe Nizou, Jérémie Morizeau, Bertrand Edet, Jean - François Rual, Sandra Camelo