• 08+09.06.2022 21:00
Chapel, 45’

A house is erected on the stage, and volutes of coloured smoke billow out. All around, a strange ballet of figures, half-beings, half-objects, that seek each other out, smell each other, proclaim their desire for affection while experiencing a series of disasters, which are as inescapable as the detonations of a firework display.

Behind the outward surrealism, which subjacent questions do they reveal? What space do we take up, physically and mentally? How can we live with ourselves in a small space?

Through an imaginative metaphor and sharp humour, After All Springville serves as a magnifying glass on human relationships in a world of upheaval and eternal renewal.

Concept, directing :
Miet Warlop
With :
Wietse Tanghe/Freek De Craecker, Milan Schudel/ Jacobine Tone Kofoed, Hanako Hayakawa, Alexandra Rosser/ Margarida Ramalhete, Winston Reynolds/Emiel Vandenberghe & Jarne Van Loon
Costumes :
Sofie Durnez
Production coordination :
Rossana Miele
Technical coordination :
Patrick Vanderhaegen
Technical team :
Eva Dermul, Pieter Kinoli
Distribution :
Frans Brood Productions
Production :
Miet Warlop / Irene Wool vzw
Coproduction :
HAU Hebbel am Ufer – Berlin, Arts Centre BUDA, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, PerPodium, De Studio Antwerpen, Internationales Sommerfes
With the support of :
Tax Shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge, Flemish Authorities, City of Ghent, Amotec
Pictures :
Reinout Hiel