• 11.06.2022 19:30
Skatepark Chapelle

Free access

Collapse in the City is a participative choreography inspired by the research around the movement of the Collapse performance. The dance is based on the mechanisms of collapse and fall, and explores the ways in which a group can work together, with the underlying question: ‘How do we create something together when everything around us is falling apart?’

Participants will explore the urban and undulating landscape of the Chapelle Skatepark, where they will learn an accessible choreography, exploring the different stages between the top (standing) and the bottom (lying on the ground) which will move towards a freer, more explosive dynamic. Drummer Tom Malmendier will provide live accompaniment.

Would you like to take part in the event?

Meet us on Friday 10 June to rehearse the steps together (registration required) and/or follow the tutorial below!

> Workshop on Friday 10 June from 7pm to 9pm, at the Brigittines:

Julien Carlier invites you to a playful dance learning session that will end with the preparation of a participative choreography for the public space. Meeting point from 6.30 pm. Bring comfortable clothes. On registration.

Registration with:
c.collard(at)brigittines.be or mathilde(at)lestanneurs.be

Choreography, artistic direction :
Julien Carlier
Performance :
Julien Carlier, Dunya Narli, Benoît Nieto Duran with the participation of amateur dancers
Musician (live drums) :
Tom Malmendier
Tutorial creation :
Lucien Gabriel
Coordination :
Camille Collard, Mathilde Lesage
Coproduction :
Les Brigittines & Théâtre Les Tanneurs
With the support of :
CPAS de la Ville de Bruxelles
Picture :
Leslie Artamonow