• 08+09.10.2021 20:30
Chapel, 55’

Meeting with the artists after the performance on 08.10

Starting his career in the North of France in the early 2000s, Thomas Lebrun moved to Tours in 2012 where he has since been at the helm of the Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours. His new show is inspired by birds, in which he questions their place in the history of the arts and particularly in that of music, worrying about their gradual disappearance and being surprised that recent health constraints have taught us to hear them again, to pay attention to them.

Drawing on a wide repertoire of music, from Clément Janequin to Messiaen and Nana Mouskouri, and surrounded by four accomplices, Thomas Lebrun explores, from solo to quartet, all the forms of rhythm, images and movements that evoke our friends of the sky: "twirling or gliding, perched high or on the ground..., light as a feather or sharp as a peck".

Conceived as entertainment - in the noble sense - this aerial journey is intended to be... "a good omen".

Choreography :
Thomas Lebrun
with the participation of the performers :
Raphaël Cottin, Anne-Emmanuelle Deroo, Arthur Gautier, Thomas Lebrun, Yohann Têté
Music :
A. Briggs, Anthony & The Johnsons, P. Casals, M.-A. Charpentier, L. Gauty, E. Grieg, S. Iradier, F. Liszt, S. Martel, O. Messiaen, J.-P. Rameau, M. Ravel, T. Rush, F. Schubert
Light creation :
Françoise Michel
Sound creation :
Maxime Fabre
Costume creation :
Kite Vollard, Thomas Lebrun
Production :
Centre chorégraphique national de Tours
Residencies :
Théâtre de Thouars, dojo Ten no Mo
Pictures :
(c) Frédéric Iovino