• 25+26.03.2022 20:30
Chapel, 25’

The play draws its origins in a 1978 electronic composition by John McGuire, Pulse Music III. This work combines a wide array of throbs, tempos and melodies to form a sequence of 24 separate albeit interdependent sections that fold into one another, briskly and unsuspectingly. Gabriel Schenker deconstructs and rebuilds this complex network to transform it into a harmony of pulses and coordination crossing his body in superimposed rhythms.

The captivating polyphonic of the movement allows the dancer to uncoil a clever and clear intent and enables dance to reach this rare quality of making complex structures legible.

Evening made of 3 shows (Vertiges from Guilhem Chatir and Carcan from Shantala Pèpe)

Conception, performance :
Gabriel Schenker
Musique :
Pulse Music III, John McGuire
Conseillère artistique :
Chrysa Parkinson
Coproduction :
STUK, TAKT/Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Tanzhaus Zürich (CH)
Résidences :
Charleroi Danses, BUDA
Merci à :
Salva Sanchis (Kunst/werk), Pierre Slinckx, Sarah Ludi
Photo :
Bart Grietens