• 24.09.2021 19:00
Chapel, 20’

Free entrance.
Reservation required.

Tapage Nocturne is the culmination of theatre and movement workshops that sprang from a collective initiative run by the ÅTTA collective between February 2020 and October 2021.

It is an exploration of the bond and strength of neighbours, but also of the awkwardness that this entails. It digs into the symbolism of coexistence, questioning its place, its boundaries and whether or not privacy is possible in this urban hubbub. We explore the notions of proximity, of being in each other’s pockets, the "too muchness" of the city and the "not enoughness" of everyday life.

Since the workshops could not be concluded with a stage performance due to the current corona crisis, the collective chose to explore the streets of the Marolles and interpret them in their own way. A cinematic experience born out of the events of the past few months, out of the difficulty of coming together, and steeped in a desire for new inspiration. Urban poetry with sound and image.

Concept :
Collectif ÅTTA - Alison Morgan, Adèle Vandroth, Quentin Gubin
Performance :
Mohammed Almafraji, Mustapha Belarbi, Jacques Berthe, Camille Collard, Alexis Dourdine, Isabelle Douxchamps, Fiona Feeley, Laura Gaggiottini, Jean Gilson, Miguel Houttekier, ElodieJavor,ArnaudMaréchal, Julie Perniaux, Roger Schiettecatte
Production :
Collectif ÅTTA
Co-production :
Les Brigittines
The project is supported by :
Delphine Houba, Alderwoman for Culture of the City of Brussels
Supported by :
Made in Marolles un projet de la Ville de Bruxelles
With the support of :
Triodos Bank savers