• 30.11.2018 20:00
  • 01.12.2018 20:30
Studio, 50'’

Theatre - in english

Working Title Festival

Soma is part three in Oona Libens’ series of poetic-scientific performances about compelling but rather unknown worlds. After the universe and the sea, in Somashe takes on the familiar yet strangely unknown microcosm of the human body. The used technique plays a big role; it is uncompromisingly tactile and analogue. The corporal and material are slow and hesitating – as opposed to the ever present and fleeting digital technology.

The history of anatomy, modern images of the body, and futuristic visions of a humanity without body are combined into an illustrated scientific lecture, a reflection about what it means to be human. During the lecture, the body becomes ill. Physical as well as mental symptoms of modern diseases and disorders show up. If we use the metaphor of the body as a mirror of society, what do these symptoms indicate? Are they signs of an unsustainable condition? Are they a protest of the body against the influence the society has upon them?

Oona Libens graduated from KASK Gent in 2012 and has since developed a distinctly crafted universe, often taking the shape of poetic-scientific performances. She uses different analogue projection techniques while creating a dialogue between historic and recent media. Her work has amongst other places been shown at Kråkeslottet Senja (Norway, 2014), Cinema Nova (Brussels, 2016), International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands, 2017), Malmö Live (2017) and BOZAR (Brussels, 2018).

Concept :
Oona Libens
Performance :
Nina de Vroome, Oona Libens
Dramaturgical advice :
Charlotte de Somviele
Assistant :
Emily Dhaene
Music :
Alexander Lindström, Oona Libens, Simon Halsberghe
Co-production :
Workspacebrussels & Het Bos
Supported by :
The Flemish Community Commission, the City of Malmö, The Swedish Arts Council (Konstnärsnämnden), les ateliers claus, Inter Arts Centre Malmö
Thanks to :
Dr. Bodham, Sarah Oyserman, Jonathan Beaton, Emmily Dhaene, Simon Halsberghe, Royal Museums for Art and History Brussels
Photos :
Oona Libens