• 30.11.2018 14:00, 20:00
Mezzo, 180’

14:00 > NL
20:00 > EN
Aftertalk with soup and bread included

Working Title Festival

The Pain of Others is a conversation performance in which thinking and speaking about pain is given a central place. Theatre maker Peter Aers spoke with scientists, psychiatrists, futurologists, children and adults who suffer physically or psychologically, and artists who focus on pain in their work. Based on this experience, in The Pain of Others, he asks philosophical questions such as: can you share individual pain with a community? Does the way you talk about pain change the way you experience pain?

With his conversational performances Peter Aers creates idiosyncratic work on the border between theatre, participation and reflection. With an open and curious gaze he organizes exercises in speaking, in which the dialogue with the audience is central. The Pain of Othersis the fourth part in the series Everything Depends on How a Thing is Thought, in which Peter Aers investigates how we can speak in a community and what role power, ethics and aesthetics play in this process.

Peter Aersis a theatre maker from Ghent. He studied philosophy in Ghent and Geneva and theatre in Brussels. Since 2014 he has been artist in residence at Vooruit arts centre (Ghent). The creation of his conversational performances is embedded in a long-term artistic practice that puts dialogue with people first. His collaborations with therapeutic communities, prisoners, socratic discussion partners or scientists are characteristic of his approach.

Concept :
Peter Aers
Creation :
Peter Aers, Bart Capelle, Melissa Mabesoone, Erika Sprey, Kris Van Oudenhove
Co-production :
Vooruit, KAAP, Workspacebrussels & the Flemish Community
Photos :
The Pain of Others: © Michiel Vandevijver
Portrait-photo: © Peter Aers
Thanks to :
Winny Ang, Amy De Schutter, Macarius Basisschool, KASK and Heike Langsdorf & Eef Cornelissen