Year in, year out, the Brigittines International Festival brings you a programme of contemporary performances: innovative languages, bizarre universes, strange and original forms that speak to the imagination.

The Festival is a collection of shows that hinge on a certain idea, presented as an object of thought, inventiveness or a sharing of fantasy. As years went on, dance has begun to feature more strongly in the Festival, undoubtedly because it is a freer and more creative form of expression.

Every year, the Festival centres on a new theme, raising a new question and encouraging spectators to consider
the issue on hand in a new light via the connections, the emotional paths and any suggested reading they are offered. On the basis of their own impressions and insights, spectators can find a connection between performances that vary greatly in style but touch on quite similar topics.

Picture (c) Max Slobodda


Sometimes, there is something deep inside of us that simply refuses to sit silent or immobile, or will not bear the weight of history or the world’s heavy fate... Some mornings, we get up with an intense desire for lightness, for anything but reality, for the sky. A desire to spread our wings that is always accompanied by the vertigo of hopeful expectation.

In this 2023 edition in particular, the shows explore this desire with a maturity that illustrates that the artists, in the momentum, retain
an awareness of a certain complexity, or a disorder... It is this ‘something’ that brings these artists here. They want us to share in all this energy and beauty.

Their names will no doubt be familiar to you because in recent years, almost all of them have attended the Festival at some point. It’s up to us to rediscover them, as they reinvent themselves show after show.

Patrick Bonté
General and artistic direction