• 27.04.2023 19:15
  • 28+29.04.2023 19:00
Mezzo, 25’

Meet the artists after the show on 28.04

Everything has disappeared: all that remains is a black and white desert where two jesters feel bored. There is no one left to amuse, no one left to mock. The two women manipulate pairs of tights strewn around them to the point of madness. They mistreat these malleable objects as part of their existential quest. However, the longer they unravel the problem, the more they become entangled, backward and forwards until finally losing the plot completely.

Chloé Beillevaire and Sabina Scarlat conjure up the female figure of the Court’s Jester to allow our anxieties to assume a spectacular consistency in the face of the void.

They deploy every trick in the book to save us from dizziness and guide the audience into a joyful nothingness, aided by comedy.

Evening made of 2 pieces (cf. RE).

Con­cept, performance :
Chloé Beill­e­vaire & Sabi­na Scarlat
Sound design :
Christophe Fran­co Rogelio
Light design :
Johan­na Boyer-Dilolo
Dra­matur­gy :
Pas­cale Gigon
Pro­duc­tion :
Cie La Teneur & GARAGE29
Co-pro­duc­tion :
Les Brigit­tines
With the sup­port of :
Pôle 164 — Mar­seille, Kun­sten­vein­wa­gen­halle — Stuttgart, Objec­tif Danse 10 — Bruxelles
Pic­ture :
© Giu­lia Ferrando