• 30+31.05, 02.06.2023 18:00
  • 03.06.2023 16:00
Mezzo, 50’

Russ­ian → FR, NLEN

per­for­mance — première

Over the past ten years, through graphic art and murals, the work of Victoria Lomasko has been a ceaseless counterargument to the official Russian narrative. Her pen portrayed situations and protests in various Russian cities, creating an invaluable political counter-archive. Previous works include Feminist Travels, a graphic art coverage of the Pussy Riot trial; and the book Other Russias, which bears witness to the dissident vitality of the Russian pro-democracy and LGBTQIA+ movements. Under pressure in Russia for several years, Lomasko fled Moscow shortly after the invasion of Ukraine, knowing she had become even more of a target. She took refuge first in Brussels, then in Germany. Despite her position as a political opponent, she at times faces exclusion in the West because of her Russian passport. For this edition of the festival, she created Five Steps, a lecture performance composed of words and live drawing. By talking and sketching, she recalls the life of a dissident artist in five steps: Isolation, Escape, Exile, Shame, and Humanity. In this unique form, Victoria Lomasko gives shape to the daily life under Putin's regime while questioning the production of narratives during a war, and the possible role of an artist.

Pre­sen­ta­tion :
Kun­sten­fes­ti­valde­sarts, Les Brigittines
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Vic­to­ria Lomasko with the par­tic­i­pa­tion of A. M.
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© Iso­la­tion by Vic­to­ria Lomasko © Fon­dazione Bres­cia Musei, from the col­lec­tion Fon­dazione Bres­cia Musei