• 30+31.05, 01+02.06.2023 19:00
Chapel, 60’



We see little kids playing. They seem unaware that we are watching on, which makes us all the more aware that we’re watching. With Los Figurantes, the young Spanish theatre company Ça marche – presenting outside of Spain for the first time – challenges the way we look at children and the innocence of childhood. Projected quotes and excerpts from Goethe’s and Schubert’s Erlkönig directly address our watching and our preconceptions of childhood. With this singular performance, Ça marche reminds us how children were not always viewed in a loving, protective way, and instead refers to 19th-century fairy tales and bedtime stories rife with violence. The children on stage ultimately turn out to be extras; the spectators are the true protagonists who, from the darkness, spell out signals, decipher clues, and fabricate omens. In this performance reflecting on the theatre as a machine of observation and witnessing, we are confronted with the fact that there is no watching without responsibility. Los Figurantes is an impressive, sometimes even uncanny visual experience capable of exposing and questioning with its brilliant structure the power dynamic between adults and children.

Pre­sen­ta­tion :
Kun­sten­fes­ti­valde­sarts, Les Brigittines
Direc­tion :
Nico Jon­gen
Dra­matur­gy :
Rober­to Fratini
Per­form­ers :
a group of extras accom­pa­nied by Mar­i­ona Signes
Set design and lights :
Marc Sali­crú
Music and sound design :
Auro­ra Bauzà
Cos­tumes :
Mar­i­ona Signes
Move­ment assistance :
Joaquín Col­la­do
Pro­duc­tion :
Lau­ra Viñals
Thanks to :
Víc­tor Molina
Copro­duc­tion :
Teatre Lli­ure, Fes­ti­val TNT, Conde Duque, Nau Ivanow, Ça marche
Sup­port­ed by :
Tener­ifeLAV, Ter­ras­sa Crea, Estruch Fàbri­ca de Creació, Fes­ti­val Esce­na Poble­nou, Cen­tre Cívic Can Feli­pa-Feli­pa (Lab), Cen­tre Cívic Barcelone­ta, Graner Cen­tre for Cre­ation of Dance and Per­form­ing Arts, Gen­er­al­i­tat de Catalunya
Per­for­mances in Brus­sels with the sup­port of :
the Span­ish Embassy in Belgium
and the col­lab­o­ra­tion of :
the Insti­tu­to Cer­vantes Brussels
Pic­ture :
© Jor­di Soler