• 16.12.2022 20:00

24/12 eur

Claude Debussy’s La Mer is one of the most impressive musical paintings ever created. The Oxalys Ensemble – Klara Prize 2016 – offers the audience a chance to experience its colourful and incredibly dense writing in an arrangement for a 13-piece
ensemble by Marlijn Helder. This masterpiece of the nascent modern era has been a major source of inspiration for subsequent composers, including the trio of Belgians gathered for this concert: Kris Defoort offers a game of reflections and shifting tonal nuances; Benoît Mernier draws inspiration from Debussy’s evocative work to create his own Images and After Images; finally, Philippe Boesmans – whose memory we celebrate and whose new opera is being presented at the same time at La Monnaie – draws us into the countless folds and swirls of Baroque ornamentation.


Philippe Boesmans - Ornamented Zone

Kris Defoort - Tender Reflections in the Dark

Benoît Mernier - Images After Images

Philippe Boesmans - Pianosextet

Claude Debussy - La Mer (arr. Marlijn Helder)

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