• 18—22.10.2022 18:00—22:30

Free entrance

Visu­al and sound installation

You sit in the chair that faces one of the dressing tables dotted around the building. You place the headphones over your ears and activate the device; then, you attentively watch everything that takes place before your eyes.

With this visual and sound installation, Bernadette Gruson proposes a twofold journey: towards oneself and towards selected pictorial works. Miroir(s) invites the spectator to a singular face-to-face encounter with artworks from the History of Art and with their own reflection.

By combining face and painting in the same image, the boundary between inside and outside, between imagination and reality, starts disappearing. Spectators are encouraged to consider their own bodies without projection, without judgment, and without expectations. The immersive experience appeals to the senses as opposed to knowledge and thus simplifies the access to the artworks and the shift of our perception of ourselves.

The evening also includes 2 shows (cf. Se faire la belle et Les Arrière-Mondes).

Design of inter­views, set­ting in space :
Bernadette Gru­son
Sound edit­ing :
Ben­jamin Delvalle
Con­struc­tion :
Alain Le Béon, Math­ieu Virot
Pro­duc­tion :
Com­pag­nie Zaoum Copro­duc­tion / Copro­duc­tie Lou­vre-Lens, POC Alfortville, TAN­DEM / Scèné nationale Arras-Douai, Théâtre de Rungis, La Gare Méricourt, Uni­ver­sité de Lille, CHU Lille — Cen­tre pén
With the sup­port of :
DRAC, Région Hauts-de-France, Département du Pas-de-Calais
Pic­tures :