• 19—21.08.2024 20:30
Chapel, 25’


Meet the artists after the show on 20.08

In a remote corner of the world, men and women wrench themselves out of the shadows and the stone in which they were imprisoned... Humanity becomes flesh, but the incarnation turns to stupor, the living seized in doubts and hauntings.

Working with statues and bas-reliefs, unexpected life is breathed into figureheads, pinned jellyfish, and flattened faces and bodies expressing abandonment and yearning. And yet the distant interior remains very real...

Noli me tangere : don’t touch me! Something beyond our reach must remain that way. We do not possess that which is beyond us, and it is precisely what alerts and exhilarates us.

An evening of 2 shows (+ Vice Versa by Cie Mossoux-Bonté)

Con­cept, direction :
Patrick Bon­té
Chore­og­ra­phy :
Nicole Mossoux, Patrick Bonté
Per­for­mance :
Sébastien Jacobs, Max­ence Rey, Can­dy Saulnier, Eléonore Valère-Lachky, Armand Van Den Hamer, Eri­ka Zueneli
Cos­tumes :
Colette Huchard
Cos­tume adaptation :
Pat­ty Eggerickx
Light design, soudscape :
Patrick Bon­té
Light tech­ni­cian :
David Jans
Tech­ni­cal direction :
Jean-Jacques Deneu­mousti­er
Pro­duc­tion :
Cie Mossoux-Bon­té
Co-pro­duc­tion :
Brigit­tines Inter­na­tion­al Festival
Sup­port­ed by :
Fédéra­tion Wal­lonie-Brux­elles, Ser­vice de la Danse, Wal­lonie- Brux­elles International
Pic­tures :
© Mikha Wajn­rych, Jean-Luc Tanghe