Open every show day at 18:00.
Cash and bank cards.

Les Brigittines suggest you :

The daily special by Bread and Bento

12,50 eur (see menu here under)


> cheese
> charcuterie
3,00 eur

The daily soup

4,50 eur

Menu - Daily specials

16.10 - Fried chicken with potatoes and forgotten vegetables
17.10 - Tagliatelle with soft curry and butternut squash
18.10 - Stuffed peppers, tomato, ricotta and basil sauce
19.10 - Fried Keftas with honey plums
20.10 - Vindaloo

08.11 - Vegetarian lasagna
09.11 - Fish stew with a spinach and rocket salad pesto sauce
10.11 - Cauliflower salad with dates and sweet potato

17.11 - Sweet potato and roasted fish with herbs and a cream of tarragon
18.11 - Shawarma of chicken and mixed pickles

06.12 - Chicken curry with tamarind and lime
07.12 - Salmon fillet with saffron and small vegetables
08.12 - Couscous of winter vegetables with roasted lemon

Booking recommended and available here! Booking required 48 hours in advance. Veggie version of the daily special possible when booking.