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Les Brigittines suggest you :

The daily special by Bread and Bento

12,50 eur (see menu here under)


> cheese
> charcuterie
3,50 eur

Summer Special! Bruschetta's

Assotment of 3 bruschetta's according to Chef's mood
3 eur

Menu - Daily specials

17.08 - Vegetarian lasagne with treviso, ricotta cheese and fresh herbs, seasonal salad
18.08 - Lentil salad with shallots and lemon, roasted saffron chicken with fresh herbs

20.08 - Haddock Parmentier with leeks and pureed dill, seasonal salad
21.08 - Roasted seasonal vegetable couscous with zaatar, lemon semolina with parsley, cream and walnuts
22.08 - Camargue red rice, pomgranate, hazelnuts and smoked fish
23.08 - Rigatoni with arabiatta, parmesan shavings and gremolata
24.08 - Pork meatballs with peanuts and lemongrass, cold soba noodles salad with miso and sesame seeds
25.08 - Sausage rougail and rice

27.08 - Roasted sweet potatoes with thyme, grilled fish of the day with lemon, kiwi and coriander sauce
28.08 - Chicken stew with spinach and herb semolina
29.08 - Lamb meatballs with lemon confit and mint, rosemary tomato sauce, linguine and parmesan shavings
30.08 - Tonkatsu don (pork breaded and fried, with eggs and rice)
31.08 - Scampi salad and mango and cucumber salsa
01.09 - Surprise of the Chef

Booking recommended and available here! Booking required 48 hours in advance. Veggie version of the daily special possible when booking.