Throughout the year, Les Brigittines centre dedicates itself to assisting artists in the creative process by providing them with spaces and logistics. These residencies serve two functions: on the one hand, they allow the choreographers produced by Les Brigittines to spend several months preparing for their creation, and in so doing, ensure that they can develop it gradually and as smoothly as possible. On the other hand, residencies conducted in collaboration with workspacebrussels give artists the freedom to pursue in-depth research work or begin the first stage of a show. Finally, partnerships with structures from abroad (Vitry's Briqueterie, Le Havre's Phare, Montréal's La Serre, Firenze's Cango ) provide artists with the opportunity to confront other cultures and work environment.

This season, Les Brigittines welcomes : Marielle Morales, Shantala Pèpe, Leslie Mannès et Louise Baduel, Mauro Paccagnella, Samuel Lefeuvre et Florencia Demestri, Monia Montali et François Bodeux, Malika Djardi, Manuel Roque, Jonas Chéreau (workspacebrussels), Maria Luicia Cruz Correia (workspacebrussels), Nazanin Fakoor (workspacebrussels), Manah Depauw (workspacebrussels), Inga Huld Hakonardottir (wokspacebrussels).