Rosegarden - Hans Van den Broeck - Impro Evenings

ROSEGARDEN is an evening of improvisations lead by Hans Van den Broeck and a group of performers, some associated with Company SOIT.
During 3 hours,19h till 22h, 4 tot 5 improvisation tasks are set and tried out with everyone who wants to join. Interventions of the participants are voluntary, often  short and timed, we operate on a rotating method. Impros are more situational then dance-based, however language is not the main key and we welcome every language. It is part of the impro. People can also come to watch and observe; the audience has an active and dynamic role.
After the 3 hours there’s a short break and drink, then we give the option to participate in a discussion with an outsider eye, moderator on different aspects of performing.  Most of all we invite participants and observers to dare to share trials, errors, surprises, awkward blanks and a good laugh too. It’s a mutual meeting and experiment. There’s is no final outcome, nothing will be repeated later nor reproduced.
Dancers, actors, actresses, composers/visual artists/curious artists workers, thinkers, gardeners, clerks, garagiste, drivers, teachers, students, housewives or men, it-managers, wanna-be-performers from all age, backgrounds: FEEL VERY WELCOME!

Sessions:  6, 20, 27/02 (no session on 13), 6, 13, 20, 27/03 and 3/04 from 7pm to 10pm.


(c) Chris Van der Burght, Stanislav Dobak