• 07—23.03.2024
Les Brigittines

The biennial festival In Movement combines creations, revivals and composed evening performances. A mix of styles that testify to the passionate commitment of choreographers of all generations within the world of contemporary dance.

Beyond the differences in their artistic views and origins, the artists taking part in the festival all have links with Brussels, having lived and, above all, worked there.

The performances will be accompanied by meetings and lectures, which will stimulate reflection and open up to the challenges facing contemporary dance and its role within the City.

Check out the festival programme here!

With :
Solene Wachter, Anneleen Kep­pens, Eri­ka Zueneli & Lau­ra Simi, Lara Barsacq, Alessan­dro Bernarde­schi, Car­lot­ta Sagna & Mau­ro Paccagnella/​Woosh­ing Machine , Mey­tal Bla­naru, Luis Mar­rafa, Thier­ry Smits/​Cie Thor and Anne-Cécile Chane-Tune