• 19—21.10.2023 19:30—23:00
Les Brigittines, +/- 60'’

wan­der­ing — show — video installation

Multimedia artist who works mainly with photography, video and performance, Chantal Michel’s works are staged down to the smallest detail. This is to ensure that her images are perceived as both obvious and implausible, offering “disturbing reflections of herself. Disguised, made up and cross-dressed, she is the model for her images, embodying figures shaped by the unconscious or popular culture” (Olivier Grasser).

The copy, a powerful theme in his work, resonates with the hybrid nature of the Chapelle and its contemporary twin.

Je est une autre is an hour-long tour in which Chantal Michel takes part, inviting spectators to meander through all the spaces of the Brigittines and discover films and videos.

As they wander around, they will be treated to a 20-minute short choreography, Les buveuses de café, by the Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté.

You're free to wander around as long as you like.

Les buveuses de café are performed at 8.30pm and 9.30pm. The show lasts 20 minutes. Be sure to book the session of your choice.
It is possible to enter the installation without seeing
Les buveuses de café. Tickets (€14/10/5) can only be purchased at the venue on the evening of the show, without booking.

Con­cep­tion instal­la­tions vidéo et performance :
Chan­tal Michel
Inter­ven­tions in situ :
Pas­cal Cro­chet, Dori­an Chavez
Réalisation, pro­duc­tion :
Les Brigit­tines
Pho­tos :
© Chan­tal Michel