• 12—14.06.2024 19:00
Théâtre Les Tanneurs, 60’

Fes­ti­val TB2
Tan­neurs — Brigittines

In co-pre­sen­ta­tion with Charleroi danse

"Paysage" follows the journey of four dancers on the move, dressed in outdoor clothes and carrying backpacks. They have left their cocoons and set out on a journey across the world, out of their comfort zones, and lose themselves in a territory without clear boundaries.

With Paysage, Julien Carlier connects two practices: his choreographic writing and photography. His primary sources of inspiration are images of grand landscapes, within which the presence of individuals at different scales can be distinguished: nomads, climbers overlooking cliffs, or elusive silhouettes. The relationship between photography and dance manifests through ideas of framing, image composition, perspectives, as well as the question of the spectators’ distance in relation to the action.

The choreographic work will explore the action of traversing a space and how a body evolves in an unknown territory. Significant importance will be given to time, which stretches and physically marks itself in the dance. The gestures, endlessly repeated by the performers, will immerse them in a collective emotion. Through the idea of walking together—side by side, in single file, or dispersed—the dance also questions the role of the group, creating a common foundation, a living architecture in constant motion. At the heart of this exploration are also the notions of challenge and self-transcendence, bringing forth a blend of forces and inherent fragilities in our human condition.

Chore­og­ra­phy, artis­tic direction :
Julien Car­li­er
Music cre­ation, artis­tic collaboration :
Simon Car­li­er
Dance – cre­ation and interprétation :
Fabio Ama­to, Iris Broc­chi­ni, Benoit Nieto Duran
Stage design :
Claire Farah
Light cre­ation :
Julien Ver­nay
Light on stage :
Gré­goire Tempels
Cos­tumes :
Marie Arta­monoff
Artis­tic collaboration :
Sophie Leso
Dra­matur­gy :
Yassen Vas­silev
Dis­tri­b­u­tion :
BLOOM Project / Stéphanie Barboteau
A show by :
Abis com­pa­ny and DC&J CREATION
Copro­duc­tion :
Théâtre de Liège, Charleroi danse — Cen­tre choré­graphique de Wal­lonie-Brux­elles, Théâtre Les Tan­neurs, The­ater Freiburg
Sup­port­ed by :
Fédéra­tion Wal­lonie Brux­elles – Ser­vice de la Danse
Sup­port­ed by :
Grand Stu­dio, Cen­tre cul­turel de Namur, Mai­son Cul­turelle Famenne – Ardenne, Cen­tre Cul­turel de Huy, Tax Shel­ter du gou­verne­ment fédéral de Bel­gique, Inver tax Shel­ter, Wal­lonie-Brux­elles International
Julien Car­li­er is a guest artist at :
Théâtre de Liège
and is accom­pa­nied by :
Grand Stu­dio