• 22—24.02.2024 20:30
Chapel, 60’

Per­for­mance in English/​Dutch,
with French and Dutch subtitles

Three ships are stationed in the Pacific Ocean. One belongs to a Belgian mining company that is exploring the seabed with the help of a robot. On the other, scientists are measuring the ecological impact of the current operation. In the third, the Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace activists protest against this future industry. From their Brussels flat, Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere communicate with each of them by satellite.

Following Pleasant Island presented at Les Brigittines in 2021, this new, socially engaged and poignant work studies the phenomenon of deep-sea mining, using different media, including image projections, sound recordings, technology and connectivity. The Huysmans/Dereere duo transforms the scene into a research lab and attempts to capture a pivotal moment in the planet's history.

How much deeper can mining companies dig, and where are we actually digging our way to? What are the challenges and risks? What opportunities might be up for grabs?

In the framework of the event Ici commence la mer.
Combi-ticket with the show Marée haute available.

"The brilliant form the artists have found educates and moves us, illuminating unknown territories both in the ocean and in ourselves, and exposing a complexity that forces us to think and makes it very difficult to act."
Springback Magazine

"Documentaire, leur démarche est aussi spectaculaire, par écrans interposés, via une dramaturgie ciselée, ambitieuse, rigoureuse et d'une grande humilité."
La Libre Belgique

By and with :
Silke Huys­mans & Hannes Dereere
Dra­matur­gy :
Dries Douibi
Sound mix­ing :
Lieven Dous­se­laere
Out­side eye :
Pol Hey­vaert
Tech­nic :
Korneel Coessens, Piet Depoortere, Koen Goossens, Babette Poncelet
Pro­duc­tion :
Copro­duc­tion :
Bunker Ljubl­jana, De Brakke Grond Ams­ter­dam, Noorder­zon Fes­ti­val of Per­form­ing Arts and Soci­ety Gronin­gen, Zürcher The­ater Spek­takel Zürich, Beurss­chouw­burg & Kun­sten­fes­ti­valde­sarts, PACT Zol­lvere­in Essen, Théâtre de la Ville Paris & Fes­ti­val d’Automne à Paris
Res­i­dences :
Kun­sten­werk­plaats, Pilar, Bara142 — Toe­s­tand, De Grote Post, 30CC, GC De Mark­ten, GC Felix Sohie
Pho­tos :
© Loes Geuens