• 21—23.03.2024 20:45
Chapel, 60’

From Age 16

Using Gilbert and George's The Ten Commandments as a narrative backdrop, Thierry Smits revisits the gay aesthetic underpinning his work: Genet and Fassbinder, Pierre et Gilles, Francis Bacon, Sylvester, and Brokeback Mountain.

Set in a cabaret with a giant pink carpet, two dancers clash with humour and lightness as they reinterpret the iconic expressions of the LGTBQIA+ movement. From disco to country to ambient, this choreographic celebration is as wild as it is overly sexualised, as chromatic as psychedelic. From one scene to the next, the dancing takes us back to the world of camp.

Dynamically and insubordinately, it reminds us of the sources of a gaytitude that exalts our imaginations today.

Con­cept, choreography :
Thier­ry Smits
Chore­og­ra­phy assistant :
Lucius Romeo-Fromm
Dra­matur­gy, songs, stage links :
Antoine Pick­els
Per­form­ers :
Iùri Da Sil­va Cos­ta, Alessan­dro Sollima
Com­po­si­tion, sound creation :
Niko­las Klau
Light design, stage management :
Ralf Nonn
Cos­tume designer :
Stef Assan­dri
Voice coach­es :
Jean Fürst, Sylvie Merck
Sound engi­neer :
Jean-François Leje­une
Cos­tume assistance :
Car­ly Heathcote
Cos­tu­mière :
Char­lyne Misplon
Pro­duc­tion, distribution :
Emi­lie Wacker
Stu­dio house­keep­ing, team pictures :
Brahim Sahli
Com­mu­ni­ca­tion :
Romane Car­mon
Pro­duc­tion assistant :
Ele­na Frau
Admin­is­tra­tion :
Régis Rémigny
Graph­ic design :
Kid­nap Your Designer
Media rela­tions :
Be Cul­ture
Pro­duc­tion :
Co-pro­duc­tion :
La Coop asbl, Shel­ter Prod, Les Brigittines
Sup­port­ed by :
Taxshel­ter. be, ING, Tax-Shel­ter du Gou­verne­ment fédéral belge, Fédération Wal­lonie-Brux­elles, Ser­vice de la danse
Pic­tures :
Hichem Dah­es