• 27—29.08.2018 19:00
Mezzo, 35’

Italy — Israel
Meet the artists after the show on 28.08

Bel­gium Première

"Scarabeo" is the Italian word for scarab, used as a symbol by the ancient Egyptians for the celestial cycle of rebirth. But "scarabeo" is also the translation of Scrabble, where separate assemblies of the same letters create different words.

Andrea Costanzo Martini uses the two meanings to feed the composition of the show: the choreographic material blends and evolves to create crazy figures and a puzzle of astute narration. As well as comedy, ironic detachment, absurd micro-situations, enthusiasm and dissonance that the two performers execute in a hilarious manner. A lively dynamic!

Chore­og­ra­phy :
Andrea Costan­zo Martini
Per­for­mance :
Avi­dan Ben-Giat, Andrea Costan­zo Martini
Dra­matur­gy :
Yael Biegon-Cit­ron
Rehearsal direc­tor :
Melanie Bar­son
Light design :
Yoav Barel
Sound design :
Binya Rech­es
Cos­tumes :
Nir Beni­ta, Idan Lederman
Music :
Julyan, John Cale/​B. Eno, Fran­co Battiato
Artis­tic advisor :
Hil­lel Kogan
Pro­duc­tion :
Roy Bedarshi
Man­ag­er :
Vicens Mayans
Pic­tures :
Yair Meyuhas