• 23.02.2024 11:00, 15:00
Outdoor, 60’

Ambu­la­to­ry per­for­mance in the Marolles District
Meet­ing point: Les Brigittines

In the middle of the busy shopping streets, Sisyphus is pushing his burden, a ball of packed clothes much bigger than he is. Never batting an eyelid, but aware, he continues his absurd, repetitive quest for transcendence in a consumerist world to which he seems totally unsuited. With this original performance in an urban space, Natacha Belova and Dorian Chavez adapt the myth by stirring up trouble. Without getting on their moral high horse, they confront the audience with its irrepressible need to consume. They force them to take a step back and look at the reality of their possessiveness. Aren't these outrageous desires futile?

The performance Sisypholia is the upshot of workshops held with schools from the Brussels Marolles district, in tandem with MUS-E, around themes related to the performance.

In the framework of the event
Ici commence la mer.

Stage direc­tion :
Nat­acha Belo­va & Dori­an Chavez
Per­for­mance :
Dori­an Chavez
Out­side eye :
Nicole Mossoux, Tita Iacobelli
Con­cep­tion of the ball :
Nat­acha Belova
Mak­ing of the ball :
Nathalie Trou­vé, Ate­lier Cos­tumes du Théâtre de la Cité – CDN Toulouse Occitanie
Pho­tos :
© Alice Piemme