• 23—25.11.2023 21:30
Hall, 50’

A major work by German composer Hans Otte, The Book of Sounds is a 12-part piano piece. Composed between 1979 and 1982, it is a work of rare luminosity. Based on repetition, silences and polyphony, the work invites the listeners to engage in minimalist and musical introspection. A humble and contemplative artistic statement that continues to resonate today in the face of the uncertainties of our world. Since 2020, Portuguese pianist Joanna Gama has been travelling across Europe in a bid to help us discover the full breadth of this work. Its scope is unique, albeit restrained, full of emotion, sharing and sincerity, performed by a truly great artist.

In the framework of the event 360°.

Piano :
Joana Gama
Music :
The Book of Sounds’ by Hans Otte
Sup­port­ed by :
Fun­dação GDA
Pho­tos :
© Vera Marme­lo, Inês d’Orey