• 13+14.06.2023 20:30
Chapel, 70’

Meet the artists after the show on 13.06

The title of the piece is a reference to Bach’s masterpiece and recalls Steve Paxton’s iconic 1980s solo in contemporary dance history. This emblematic source allows Michiel Vandevelde, accompanied by Audrey Merilus and Oskar Stalpaert – a dancer with Platform-K, a Ghent-based company of dancers with and without disabilities – to immerse us into forty years of the history of dance. This journey questions the evolution of this art form and its various forms of physicality.

A surprising musical transposition for accordion played by Philippe Thuriot joins the polyphony of bodies and its multiple variations.

As the result of this fascinating cross-pollination, the performance is a testament to time and a receptacle for it.

Com­po­si­tion :
Philippe Thu­ri­ot
Chore­og­ra­phy :
Michiel Van­de­velde
Dance :
Oskar Stal­paert, Aman­da Charme­lo Bar­rio, Michiel Vandevelde
Live music :
Philippe Thu­ri­ot
Cos­tumes :
Tutia Schaad
Cos­tume assistent :
Camil Krings
Dra­matur­gy :
Kristof van Baarle
Scenog­ra­phy :
Michiel Van­de­velde
sup­port­ed by :
Tom Callemin
Light advice :
Tom Bruwier
Tech­nique :
Max­im Van Meer­haeghe, Maarten Snoeck
Pro­duc­tion :
Co-pro­duc­tion :
Vier­Nul­vi­er, KAAP
Sup­port­ed by :
Vlaamse Over­heid, Nationale Loter­ij, Stad Gent, Konekt, de Kon­ing Boudewijnstichting
Pic­ture :
© Kat­ja Illner