• 07.10.2023 18:30, 20:30
Chapel, 60’

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The Trio Xenakis unveil their new piece, ALLIAGE(S), conceived with visual artist Vivian Daval. Iannis Xenakis transformed the art of his time by manipulating visual and aural space. Adélaïde Ferrière, Emmanuel Jacquet and Rodolphe Théry set up the Xenakis Trio in 2018 with the aim of furthering his ideas. The artists' main aim is to open up contemporary music and all its associated concepts encompassing a wide repertoire to a wider audience, through 'hard-hitting' interpretations both in terms of form and content. Following a tour through France in 2022 to mark the centenary of Xenakis's birth as well as a promotional tour in collaboration with Arte, the dancer Élodie Sicard and CultureBox, the Trio Xenakis now unveil their new piece, conceived with visual artist Vivian Daval. Together, they will take you on a journey through a whole new way of perceiving sound and space, with key works by composers from their repertoire.

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