Les Brigittines and Editions de l’Œil d’or are publishing a book entitled Libres comme demain nous l’apprendra, evoking what it is exactly that inspires the Brigittines’ activities. The book is also an opportunity to discover what 17 artists have to say and think about their work and their relationship with the world. Their contributions will be complemented by performers and playwrights, philosophers and authors, whose commitment to critical thinking is putting the concerns and questions of our time into perspective. They all share in the Brigittines adventure or have done so in the past.

The book includes texts by :

Patrick Bon­té
Olivi­er de Sagazan
Kitt John­son
Alexan­der Van­tourn­hout
Aye­len Parolin
Rober­to Castel­lo
Antia Diaz Otero
Pas­cale Gigon
Jes­si­ca Fouché
Nicole Mossoux
Karine Pon­ties
Yas­mine Hugonnet
Mau­ro Paccagnel­la
Cather­ine Gaudet
Jean-Luc Fafchamps
Arco Renz
Euripi­des Laskaridis
Angela Rabaglio & Micaël Flo­rentz
Jan Martens
Ingrid von Wan­toch Rekows­ki

Ste­fan Hert­mans
Dany-Robert Dufour
Roland Gori
Lau­rent Testot
Georges Durieux

The book is on sale for 18 euros.
Available at Les Brigittines and most bookshops.
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