Private rentals

The Brigit­tines’ Chapel opens its doors for you!

Cre­ate your cus­tom-made event in a unique loca­tion at the heart of Brussels

The place

Ideally situated in the heart of Brussels between Le Sablon and the Place du Jeu de Balle, the Brigittines is a space for activities and representations concentrated on movement in all kind of forms. This art and contemporary place proposes several spaces integrating professional technical infrastructure. Cocktails buffet, corporate dinners, fashion shows, weddings, seminars, meetings… Everything is possible.

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Wedding photo credit : Joey Mangaser

The sem­i­nar­ies spaces

For your seminaries, workshops, and meetings, the Brigittines provides you with the Studio and the Mezzo, two spaces laid with Technical materials: screens, projectors, rows, etc.

The dou­ble chapel

Within the Brigittines we propose the old Chapel, a baroque church of the 17th century now extended with the contemporary twin made of glass and steel. This magical location is perfect to host the most prestigious, extravagant events: shows, fashion shows, seminars, conferences, workshops, banquets, parties, etc. With or without bleachers, the Chapel will show you its many different facets depending on our programming.

A pro­fes­sion­al team at your service

The Brigittines team will advice and help you find the best solutions and technical needs to make your event a magical moment. We also have a professional network of the art scene with quality materials and technicians at an interesting price.