The Bords de scène

Les bords de scène invite spectators to meet the artists. A special moment in which both parties can exchange views on the experience they have lived in order to broaden their respective worlds. The audience is able to further develop its understanding of what they have just watched while the artist can discuss their creative process and understand the audience's response to their work.

Scheduled for a number of shows, the "bords de scène" are totally open to everyone. They are hosted by performing arts professionals who have a unique perspective on the shows being presented.

Since this season, in partnership with the mediaweb La Pointe, podcasts (in French) of most of these meetings are available below.

Sched­ule for the 23 – 24 season

25.04.24 > Up Close! - Cie Michèle Noiret
26.04.24 > Soleil Constant - Louise Baduel

Medi­a­tors for the 22 – 23 season

Edith Bertholet

After graduating from INSAS, Edith Bertholet was assistant director on various artistic productions and dramaturge/adjunct to the general management of the Théâtre de Liège for 7 years. She is currently the Director of Point Culture.

Philippe Couture

Philippe Couture is a cultural journalist working in Quebec and Belgium. He is an active member of the online media La Pointe, which combines art, culture, and society. He is the coordinator of the series of interview capsules and podcasts of the 22-23 season at the Brigittines, which are available online.

Oonagh Duckworth

Having worked as a dancer and now a producer and cultural journalist, Oonagh Duckworth has worked with Les Brigittines for many years. She was responsible for the creation of the Bal Moderne and has accompanied many dance companies. She is the director of the Springback Academy.

Steven De Belder

Steven De Belder has worked as a researcher for the Faculty of Theatre at the University of Antwerp. Since 2003 he has been the general coordinator at the PARTS contemporary dance academy. He frequently organises events for La Monnaie, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, the Concertgebouw, and other cultural organisations.

Flore Herman

Flore Herman is a facilitator, playwright, and multidisciplinary arts practitioner. She has studied at the EHESS (Paris) and then at the ULB in Human Sciences and Performing Arts. She works on artistic and socio-artistic performance projects, in the Brussels public space or elsewhere, where performance is used as a tool for dialogue and social justice. She is currently a member of bodies of knowledge, an alternative nomadic classroom, initiated by Sarah Vanhee, and jointly developed with Joana B.Polge and Damla Ekin Tokel.