• 14—16.03.2024 22:00
Studio, 30’


Following Rain, which heralded an intense relationship between the wounds of intimacy and confrontation with the world, Meytal Blanaru is back as a soloist with Dark Horse, decompartmentalising the physical stereotypes dictated by society. The choreography aims to objectify the female body in a confrontational play with the spectator.

Armed with resilience and, more importantly, the desire to love her appearance at the turning point of her life, despite the scars, the pain and the setbacks, she presents a physically liberating performance that enshrines an unflinching celebration of the self.

Con­cept, cre­ation, performance :
Mey­tal Blanaru
Music :
Ben­jamin Sauzereau
Dra­matur­gy :
Ido Batash, Olivi­er Hespel
Light :
François Bodeux
Pro­duc­tie, com­mu­ni­catie, distributie :
Kathe­ri­na Vasili
Co-pro­duc­tie :
Les Brigit­tines, Charleroi danse, Com­pag­nie Thor, Pôle-Sud CDCN
Pic­ture :
Pierre-Philippe Hof­mann