The Brigittines provides an ideal setting for learning and sharpening the critical eye. Each year, we strive to facilitate access to performances and related activities for students by proposing a special rate and plenty of time for meetings.

Student rate: €10
Performing arts student rate* : 5€.
* ISAC, INSAS, ULB performing arts section, PARTS, RITS, IAD theatre section, Royal Academy of Fine Arts dance section, La Cambre stage design section, Royal Brussels Conservatory theatre section, EFPME performing arts section, ESAC...

La Scène et les Signes

The Brigittines and the ULB's Master in Performing Arts work together on a partnership made up of workshops analysing the many signs of the performing arts and that aims at enriching the training of future players in the cultural and artistic worlds. Steered around the shows played at the Brigittines, these workshops open entire sections of sensitivity that allow better perceiving the challenges of performances and situating their relation to the world. These workshops offer students the possibility to dare place words on their feelings before a performance and to recognise the kinships and heritages as well as the value and sense of innovation.