• 23—27.04.2024 20:45
Chapel, 55’

Meet the artists after the SHOW on 25.04

Michèle Noiret returns on stage with a new and ultimate solo, Up Close !

In apparent simplicity, she invents a personal, inhabited, resolutely organic dance. Like a fragmented mirror, the dancer/choreographer unveils a labyrinthine story in the form of self-portrait/autofiction.
Without any artifice, she plays on her own image with tenderness, derision, and humor, summoning the memory of personalities who have marked her career. Characters invite and embody themselves to take part in the reflections she poses on dance, creation, and today's society.

At 7 pm, in the Mezzo room, we present Soleil Constant by Louise Baduel. Combi-ticket available.

Chore­og­ra­phy, text, performance :
Michèle Noiret
Artis­tic collaboration :
Thier­ry Thieû Niang, David Drouard
Orig­i­nal music com­po­si­tion, sound management :
Todor Todo­r­off
Addi­tion­al music :
Kemuri, DJ Krush — Black­bird, Jeff Beck, L’illusionista et La passerel­la, Nino Rota — Eclisse Twist, Mina/​Giovanni Fus­co — Rain, Bernard Her­rmann — Györ­gy Ligeti: Sonata (Dial­o­go e Capric­cio) for Cel­lo I. Dial­o­go, Mik­lós Perényi — Mood Indi­go, Charles Min­gus — Comme je l’imagine, Véronique San­son — Vio­la d’amore Con­cer­to in A Minor, RV 397: Il. Largo, Anto­nio Vivaldi/​Fabio Bion­di & Europa Galante — Tierkreis IV. Tau­rus, Karl­heinz Stock­hausen — Love­ly Head, Goldfrapp
Voic­es :
Mar­guerite Duras, Mon­i­ca Vit­ti, Trisha Brown, Karl­heinz Stockhausen
Light design :
Ryoya Fude­tani
Cos­tumes :
Pat­ty Eggerickx
Cos­tume making :
Julie Nowak
Tech­ni­cal direc­tion, light technique :
Hadrien Jeangette
Pic­tures :
Sergine Laloux
Pro­duc­tion, distribution :
Morten Walder­haug
Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, press :
Alexan­dra de Laminne
Admin­is­tra­tion, coordination :
Cathy Zan­té
Thanks to :
Annette Sachs, Philippe Dewolf
Pro­duc­tion :
Com­pag­nie Michèle Noiret/​Tandem asbl
Co-pro­duc­tion :
Les Brigit­tines, Charleroi danse — Cen­tre choré­graphique Wal­lonie Bruxelles
Sup­port­ed by :
Fédéra­tion Wal­lonie-Brux­elles, Ser­vice Général de la Créa­tion Artis­tique — Ser­vice de la Danse, Tax Shel­ter du Gou­verne­ment Fédéral Belge — Casa Kaf­ka Pic­tures Tax Shelter
Pic­tures :
Sergine Laloux