Year in, year out, the Festival brings you a programme of contemporary performances: innovative languages, bizarre universes, strange and original forms that speak to the imagination.


Don’t we live in a time in which, despite moral censorship and stifling economic and social restrictions, the theatre is in full sail like a ship on the ocean of possibilities?

There are many traps set for creators: fog threatens in an era in which reality and fiction, truth and lies, become confused, and in which insignificance is a universal free pass. At the core of their reflection, artists are subjected to a rising current of approximations and lurid conflations. The real and its networks hold us back; we must all have a certain strength to resist this pernicious influence.

To be truly free, don’t authors, directors, and choreographers need to allow themselves to break with the world to reinvent it?

Isn’t it when the theatre gives free rein to the imagination and the unexpected, to fantasy and to overturning foregone conclusions that it is at its strongest and has the most to offer its audience?

That is our desire!

Patrick Bonté
General and Artistic Direction