Our lives are saturated with information and requests to communicate and consume. Everything is said, shown, displayed... Art does not escape these excesses of light inundating reality and demanding something recognisable and identi able. In this context, we want works to re ect our daily issues, attitudes and everyday stories like so many different mirrors.

Do we really want this?
 If we’d like to know more about ourselves, art can reach us in our depths and mysteries, in our deeply burrowed emotions that painfully try to break the surface of consciousness. We need intelligible formulations to find direction in our existences,
but it is also important to get lost in shadows
and darkness to understand the veritable
sense of light.

For it is by night that the mind illuminates
whilst wandering, by feeling increasingly free, less imprisoned by the rational rigours of daytime. It is by night that the unthinkable happens, revealing a face - albeit soberly - that we did not know belonged to us once all the masks fell off.

Patrick Bonté
General and Artistic Direction

(c) Picture : artwork from Chantal Michel