Dear friends,

When circumstances prove to be so difficult, we can only channel the stoicism of the great elders and accept the sometimes overwhelming forms that our existence adopts and to somehow use them to our advantage.

Covid-19 may be thwarting our plans, but let's try to free ourselves from its fake clutches and give ourselves some breathing space. A year from now, a day from now... at some point in the future, let’s discover the choreographers and performers who enchant us, who transport us to other worlds or other times, the Time of timelessness, of emotion without anecdote.

They will be here in a year's time: Christos Papadopoulos, Yasmine Hugonnet, Alan Lake, Priscilla Guy, Mette Ingvartsen, Harris Gkekas, Leïla Ka, Roni Chadash, Flora Detraz, Meytal Blanaru, Perrine Valli, Thomas Lebrun, to name but a few.

We wish you to get through this period as well as possible, and can’t wait for the hopeful moment when we will be able to welcome you again!

Patrick Bonté and the entire Brigittines team